Chef Maryam J.

Maryam Jamaludeen is a professional chef and holistic nutritionist; she teaches “the healing power of food”. Combining her love to cook and passion to heal people with food, she teaches you how to choose nutritious food and prevent disease. She is the founder and owner of Mary Wellness (, author of Eating Made Easy; a simple

rule book to better nutrition, and an expert speaker on holistic nutrition. A high point of her speaking engagements includes empowering audiences to learn how to prepare food to heal the body.

Having a BA and an MA in Nutrition and Food Science, and Associates in Culinary Arts; Maryam continues to offer healthy

and delicious meal plans, cooking presentations, and holistic nutrition counseling for her clients in Metro DC, Virginia, and Maryland. She has presented nutrition counseling and cooking demonstrations for corporations, including CNA, CATO, Living Social, Carfax, Whole Foods, Dominion Electric, K12,

United Kidney Foundation, Bio Reliance, Loudon County Government, FINRA and many more.